Now or Never Stories

Now or Never tells the life-changing stories of people around the globe. The interviewees tell their fascinating stories of how and why they fundamentally changed their life. The stories are supposed to inspire the readers and shows them not be frightened of realizing their dreams.

A different approach

The timeframe we had to come up with a suitable initial branding idea was restricted. To save time we sat together and did a quick branding workshop, talking about emotions, strategy and the overall goal of the projects. The initial logo idea was scribbled during that workshop and loaded with metaphors and emotions that came up along the process.


The mark

The first image that came to mind is a circle, symbolizing a lot of different aspects of the stories told. It stands for both the process and something perfect to strive for. The different stories never tell a straight line, being human means not being perfect. The slightly dented forms and variable thickness visualize that. Another word that came up was growing, with the association of a tree dyecut. The different meridians of a tree tell a story of how it grew and became stronger along the way.



For both economical and usability reasons both headline and copy fonts are Google Fonts. While Mont is great for display usage in headlines, Roboto is made for a best possible readability. This is especially important for article-based content with a lot of copy to be read.



On order to capture the wide range of different people and stories in both Logo and Colour we agreed on a palette of 2 primary and 5 secondary colours. The colours are lively and can be combined together in a number of ways.



After building a strategy, getting to know the clients needs and creating solid wireframes we started to design the actual Sales Website. The Design System ensures a flexible, but consistent look & feel throughout all breakpoints.


Let’s build
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