Lition Energie GmbH

Creative Team
P. Watmough
J.P. Schulz

Blockchain Energy

Starting with a commercially live P2P platform, Lition is developing the only scalable public-private blockchain with deletable data features, ready to disrupt regulated markets. Apart from their blockchain development, Lition Energie offers contracts for clean and affordable energy.

Laying the groundwork

Before starting with the actual concept and design process we had a project kickoff together with the client. The helped us to clarify both brand- and product strategy and a general structure of the website. After understanding the target group we started to create both analogue and digital wireframes.


Fonts & Colours

Both Fonts and Colours were chosen to be applicable in a wide array of digital use-cases. Artegra has various hinting options to improve readabality on all devices. The colours were chosen based an naturally occuring colours in the aurora borealis. This was intentional as the northern lights only appear when charged particles collide in the atmosphere and create energy.


Creating a System

To be flexible throughout a number of digital products to come we decided to start building a design system that we can reuse across platforms and devices. The system helps to keep the digital branding consistent at all times.



The storytelling aspect was one important factor for the brand. To appeal to a wide spectrum of clients we decided to create Illustrations that are able to explain technical topics in an easy, relatable way. Due to an isometric, perspective-independent approach all illustrations can be used and combined in a number of ways.



After building a strategy, getting to know the clients needs and creating solid wireframes we started to design the actual Sales Website. The Design System ensures a flexible, but consistent look & feel throughout all breakpoints.


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