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A data-driven platform for rights and licensing of book collections

The Frankfurt Bookfair is known as one of the biggest bookfairs in europe. Together with the team at shift agency, I got to create a subbranding with a new web presence for German Stories. German Stories is a platform for both foreigners and german natives to look up rights and licensings for german books.

The challenge with the project was to create a coherent architecture out of the mass of information we had to implement. To make it easier for editors as well as keep important data consistent we created a framework of dynamically generated data out of preset sets. The sets only have to be entered once, modules throughout the website automatically get the needed data out the predefined set.


Together with the team from Frankfurter Buchmesse we created a map of dataset, displaying the architecture and connections of all the content available


The data columns were then mapped to various modules throughout the site, where the data had to be implemented dynamically without an editor


To save time we created quick sketch wireframes on a tablet, using them to quickly discuss and reiterate with the client


The existing pattern library for the Frankfurter Buchmesse was carefully adjusted to reflect the subbrand "German Stories", while new modules were added


The result is a clean and readable design for all devices


Through the use of global spacings, fontstyles and colours we managed to keep the load of information visually ordered


Some modules were adjusted for mobile breakpoints to display less data at a glance to keep the site from feeling overloaded

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