Enpal GmbH

UI Design, UX Design, DesignOps

Design Team
Silicon Pauli
Pascal Howe
Nico Polzin

The future of green energy

Enpal is disrupting the german energy market by providing quick and easy access to solar panels. Customers can lease the panels for a set amount of years, Enpal does everything from planning, setting up and maintaining the panels. Digitizing the whole customer journey flow from start to end would make the process both more economic for Enpal and transparent and quick for the customers. We were asked to come up with a concept for a product that combines the user journey while setting up the panel with the monitoring for the end product.


From the first Meeting with two consecutive Design Sprints, we managed to launch a live App to test in both Apple Appstore and Google Playstore.


The new design concept uses colour, typography and real imagery to give the user a better visual hierarchy


In the design proposal for the monitoring part of the app, cards are topically clustered with the important KPIs visible at a glance


The initial pattern library keeps all designs consistent. Changes in basics like colours, typography or scaling can be made quickly on a global level


Remote usertesting in the design sprint phases and afterwards ensures a user centric perspective on the product


Thorough explorations of flows in wireframes save time and help to understand and avoid dead ends or confusion in the userflow


Given a 100% remote project setting we managed to stay in sync through the creative combined use of various tools like Teams, Figma, Jira and many more

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